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Hệ thống chân không bao gồm nhiều những thiết bị tạo chân không đấu nối nối tiếp chúng với nhau bằng 1 hay nhiều những thiết bị hỗ trợ tăng áp một các hợp lý, khoa học để đáp ứng mục đích phục vụ cho công nghệ hiệu quả, tối ưu và thân thiện với môi trường. Hình vẽ sơ đồ của các phương pháp ghép nối giới thiệu trong mục "Hệ thống chân không hỗ trợ tăng áp nhanh".Quang Tiền giới thiệu các thiết bị riêng lẻ để ghép nối với các tính năng, thông số kỹ huật của chúng - Các cụm thiết bị hút chân không đồng bộ

New Products Lineup - Sản phẩm mới 

- Energy-saving Vacuum Pumps Ecopositiv Series - Bơm hút chân không khô tiết kiệm năng lượng dòng Ecopositiv 

- Energy-saving Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps EP450  -  Bơm chân không vòng dầu tiết kiệm năng lượng EP450

- Magnetically Suspended Compound Molecular Pump with Integrated Control Unit kine TiG 2200M - Bơm hợp chất phân tử từ tính với bộ điều khiển tích hợp TiG2200M

Energy-saving Vacuum Pumps EcopositiV Series

We have developed new EcopositiV series vacuum pumps for best energy efficiency.

Energy-saving Dry Vacuum PumpER100D/ER100DC

  • -Low energy consumption, lightweight and compact.
  • -Make your system more energy efficient and compat.
  • -Two types are available for your needs.
  • -ER100D: Standard type for clean gas pumping.
  • -ER100DC: Anti-corrosive type for corrosive gas pumping.
Energy-saving Dry Vacuum Pump ER100D/ER100DC


Energy-saving Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump EP450

  • -Efficiency of rotor rotation is greatly improved on EP450 by our proprietary technology, and as a result, EP450 consumes max. 30% less energy then our previous model.
  • -On EP450, rugged and easy maintenance design are the same as previous model.
  • -You can operate EP450 for a long time with appropriate maintenances.

  • You can retrofit EP450 parts into your P450.

Energy-saving Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump EP450


Magnetically Suspended Compound Molecular Pump
with Integrated Control Unit kineTiG2200M

  • Features

  • -Integrated controller and power supply on pump.
  • -No interconnect cable/cable duct nor rack-mount needed.
  • -Well balanced performance for a wide range of vacuum processes.
  • -Multiple interface options.
  • -IP54 Standard.
  • -Energy-saving.
  • -Following features of the TG-M series.
  • Applications

  • -Solar cell manufacturing.
  • -Glass, optics coating.
  • -Film coating.
  • -Surface treatment, suface modification.
  • -LCD manufacturing.
  • -Semiconductor manufacturing.
  • -Accelerator, Space simulator.

Turbo Molecular Pumps (Compound Molecular Pumps) Exhaust Theory

Turbo molecular pumps consist of moving and stator blades arranged on multiple levels. The figure below shows the relation between the angle and rotating direction of the blades. Gas molecules inbound from the high vacuum side enter the moving blades and try to exit in various directions. However, the angle and rotation of the blades cause the molecules to move toward the exhaust end and through the quickest path in the stator. Gas molecules that flow back from the rearmost stage through the stator hit the moving blade, sending them back to the exhaust end.

Turbo Molecular Pumps (Compound Molecular Pumps) Exhaust Theory


Exhaust theory(Front end side)  Any Orientation Type TG-F Series

Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump What is an Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump?  
Among the mechanical pumps capable of compressing up to atmospheric pressure, the oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump is the most economical and easiest to handle. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and therefore can be found in many applications around the world.
Oil-sealed rotary vacuum pumps are categorized by the mechanism employed: oscillating piston type (Kinney), Rotary vane type (Gaede), cam type (Senco), etc.
Vacuum's oscillating piston is durable and structurally allows for a large intake space. This construction enables efficient exhaust, making it ideal for large pumps.
Pump oil is vital for safe operation of the pump.
Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum's oil-sealed rotary vacuum pumps can be operated under harsh operating conditions such as continuous operation in low vacuum ranges, and repeated short-term cycles at atmospheric pressure and vacuum. These pumps provide a long reliable lifetime when equipped with an appropriate oil supply mechanism.
This pump features a precision, robust design, and an easy-to-maintain construction that has been reported to last 20 to 30 years in the field with proper maintenance.

Liquid-ring Vacuum Pump -  What is a Liquid-ring Vacuum Pump?
A liquid ring vacuum pump can compress up to atmospheric pressure using water or the process liquid as the sealing liquid.
Also referred to as a water seal vacuum pump because water is commonly used as the sealing liquid which enables the pump to attain ultimate pressures near the vapor pressure of the sealing liquid.
Exhaust Theory of Liquid-ring Vacuum Pumps
A liquid ring vacuum pump is constructed from a casing having an integral impeller. The casing is filled with the sealing liquid and the impeller starts rotating, thus creating centrifugal force that pushes sealing liquid against the casing wall to form a liquid ring. This results in a series of spaces between the blades on the impeller and the liquid ring which, due to the impeller being mounted eccentrically to the casing, varies as the impeller rotates. This volumetric change is used to cycle through intake, compression, and exhaust.
Liquid-ring Vacuum Pumps VPH 65250/65280 VPH 32-40-50-65-80-100 VPHM 32- VPHM 40 VPHWL 40090/40140/40180
Vacuum's Liquid-ring Vacuum Pumps (Water Sealed Vacuum Pumps)
Vacuum's liquid-ring vacuum pumps are available with various sealing liquids, including water. Users can select the sealing liquid best suited for their application, allowing use in exhaust applications for gases (condensable gases) including water vapors and organic solvents.
Recycling the liquid ring in a closed system minimizes waste liquid.
Additionally, the liquid ring vacuum pump can be used with other pumps to meet a variety of processes. For example, the liquid ring vacuum pump can be used with a Roots pump to attain high exhaust and high vacuum using less energy. (PRL series)
Also, an air ejector can be added to improve the ultimate pressure, and prevent cavitation. (1-stage air ejector: WA series; 2-stage air ejector: WB series)

Roots Vacuum Pump - What is a Roots Vacuum Pump?  
A roots vacuum pump is a vacuum pump that compresses and exhausts by rotating a helical rotor.
This mechanical vacuum pump is also referred to as a mechanical booster when it is mounted to the front end of an oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump to increase the exhaust rate.
A roots vacuum pump is normally used with a vacuum pump that can compress up to atmospheric pressure, such as a dry vacuum pump, oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump, or a liquid-ring vacuum pump.
Vacuum's roots vacuum pumps with directly mounted motor (RD series, RA series) feature a compact footprint for easy integration into existing systems.
Our lineup also includes belt-driven large roots vacuum pumps (R series) suitable for applications requiring heavy exhaust volumes such as for oversized chambers used for aerospace testing.
An operating condition of the roots vacuum pump is that there be an allowable pressure difference between the inlet pressure and back pressure. Operating outside the allowable range may result in motor overloads, or excessive uncontrollable heat.
To address this, roots vacuum pump exhaust systems from Vacuum can be fitted with a relief valve to automatically adjust the pressure if it exceeds the allowable range. This enables the pump to perform at maximum exhaust capacity even in high inlet pressure ranges. (Optional)
Inverter control allows driving from atmospheric pressure, and pressure control at low inlet pressure levels.
Also, depending on the model and region, the speed of the pump can be increased to increase the exhaust rate by a maximum of up to 40%. (Optional)

 Ejectors - What is an Ejectors?


An ejector is a vacuum pump that does not have any mechanical drive parts. Instead, it is driven by injected steam or similar mediums.
It has a simple construction for virtually trouble-free operation. And it is easy to be manufactured for large volume rate. Ejectors are used in a variety of applications including degassing equipment for molten steel.
Standalone ejectors can compress up to atmospheric pressure, and can be used in series to attain even higher vacuum pressure. They can be used with other vacuum pumps to build a vacuum system.

Vacuum's Ejectors lineup

Vacuum can manufacture systems using various drive sources to meet a wide variety of applications.

A typical example is the steam ejector using water vapors. Other drive resources that can be used are air, water, and organic steam (such as ethylene glycol). The pumps can be made from various materials, including anti-corrosive materials (such as titanium and carbide).
Vacuum can provide ejector systems to meet customer needs based on technology and proven results.

Vacuum ejectors are available in the following types according to drive source and service intake.


  Drive source Intake object
Ejectors Gases Gases
Injector Gases*1 Liquid
Multi-jet Condenser
(Water Ejector)
Liquid Gases*2
Eductor Liquid Liquid


*1 : Steam must be from the same liquid as service liquid.
*2 : The multi-jet condenser is for condensable gases, the water ejector is for non-condensable gases.



Oil Diffusion Pumps


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